I'm Harshath.

Design. Technology. Problem Solving.

I’m a Product Designer.

I ask a lot of questions and get to know problems and people in depth. I come up with creative solutions that truly address users' needs, are usable, beautiful and delightful.

Work Experience

Unscrambl, Inc.

UX Designer - Dec 2015 to present

At Unscrambl, my role is of an interaction designer and a visual designer. I'm working on our Enterprise Marketing Automation product.

When building a new feature, I first learn about the actual needs of the users, and explore various ways of solving it. I put together design concepts in the form of wireframes, prototypes, animations and high-fidelity mockups to communicate ideas to stakeholders and potential users. I gather feedback, validate and iterate on concepts before honing in on the solution. I also work with the development team to communicate the final design specs, and to ensure an accurate implementation. I built from scratch, and now maintain, our visual design system and interface usability guidelines.


UX Design Intern - May to July 2014

I worked in the Platform Infrastructure division, and worked on redesigning an internal application performance monitoring system. The system had started as a tool in a team, and slowly gained popularity with many other groups. I researched how the system was being used currently and what the larger goals of its users were.

To start off I developed multiple low-fidelity design concepts to explore different ways to attack the problem. I gradually fleshed out the design by augmenting it with more capabilities, increasing the fidelity of design, and moving from wireframes to illustrate overall architecture to also building animations to communicate microinteractions. I continuously engaged the product team to give me feedback on every iteration of the design to ensure that the design was progressing on the right path. At the end I delivered a set of design concepts that addressed a large portion of the product's use cases, and a preliminary visual style guide for the redesigned application.

Worldpay US

UX Designer - Aug to Nov 2015

I was one of the first UX Designers at WorldPay's new Design and Innovation group. I worked on improving the first interaction that most merchants had with WorldPay - Onboarding.

I researched all the channels through which merchants discovered WorldPay, and signed up with us. I looked in detail at each step of the onboarding proces, and drew up ways of integrating them all into a coherent process that was hassle free for the merchanges, and operationally efficient for us to implement.

Designing a Ride Pass Experience for Ride Sharing Apps

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Visualizing History

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More Projects

About Me

I'm a problem solver and maker at heart. I 'm extremely curious, and go above and beyond to learn everything I can about a problem space before building solutions. I have a strong focus on the end users of a product throughout the product development cycle. My designs emphasize both function and good form.

Interaction Design

I am skilled at building wireframes, prototypes and animations to illustrate and communicate design concepts. I use different artifacts to communicate ideas depending on who the audience is (eg, stakeholders, potential users, development team, etc.). I can do both low-fidelity wireframes as well as high-fidelity compositions.

Visual Design

I am skilled at composing pixel perfect designs for products, and coming up with coherent visual themes, iconography, color palettes, typography etc. I have experience of putting together a design system from scratch, defining the visual and usability guidelines for all compoenents of a design language.

User Research and Testing

I have past experience onf performing contextual inquiries and user interviews to learn about a problem space in detail, and to understand users' needs and priorities. I've done user testing using prototypes in order to get data and feedback on design concepts, and to improve and course-correct designs.